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Reasons To Wear Sexy Lingerie

3 Empowering Reasons To Splurge On That Sexy Lingerie


Here’s what I want you to do: commit to purchasing a piece of lingerie that makes you feel sexy. That’s right. You. Whoever said buying sexy lingerie is for turning men on had it all backward.

Wearing beautiful lingerie isn’t about guys, ladies. It’s about claiming who we are at our most powerful: Women turned on by our own existence.


I already hear the protests.

  • I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret Model.
  • Why bother when no one sees it but me?
  • Lacy underwear is too uncomfortable.
  • I’m married and my husband doesn’t care.
  • I’m single and only wear sexy lingerie on date nights.

This, my darling, is where you have it wrong. Because what you think about yourself extends into how the world sees you.


Reasons To Wear Sexy Lingerie

Don’t think nice lingerie is powerful? Imagine how you feel in a pair of cotton granny panties or a worn out bra with the underwire poking through… not so stellar, right? Now, imagine how you feel in something pretty and lacy… MUCH better!

There’s a disconnect in your brain if you save your pretty things exclusively for special occasions. (It’s like telling yourself that you only deserve to feel fantastic once in a while). Here are three reasons why you should wear sexy lingerie.


1. What you wear affects your confidence and self-esteem.

The goal, after all, is to impress yourself. When you impress yourself, you’ll automatically impress others. Experts found that wearing a Superman t-shirt under clothes made wearers feel more confident; that translates to the sexy lingeries you choose. When a woman wears lovely undies on a daily basis, she always feels beautiful and confident.

Pro tip: Buy a variety of colors and styles of sexy lingeries so that on any day, so you can choose what fits your mood.


2. Pretty underthings make you feel feminine.

We live in such a masculine world, so even if you have to show that side of yourself at work (suits, slacks, jackets, etc.), wearing lovely lingerie underneath lets you embrace the power of femininity. I know it isn’t as soothing as those t-shirt bras, but there’s something magical about a lacy bra that makes you feel feminine and sexy. When you feel feminine, you tap into that magnetic feminine power of yours (and others will pick up on that radiated sexual confidence, girl).


3. Claiming your “feminine power” is really about owning your “personal power.”

Choosing to wear panties that match your bra is a secret that only you know, yet makes you feel powerful. Why? Underwear is what we wear closest to our skin, so choosing what feels beautiful sends a signal to your brain that you deserve beauty in your life.

If you can’t stand the thought of lacey undies, matching a basic black or nude bra to basic black or nude panties is just as powerful and sexy as lacy underwear. Just give it a try. I’ll bet you notice the difference in how you feel.

Pro tip: To keep your sexy lingerie wardrobe in order, shoot for three pairs of panties per bra. Also, even though stockings aren’t necessarily in style, if they make you feel more powerful, wear them anyway!


By wearing and carefully selecting gorgeous lingerie every day, you develop a better sense of balance — a more conscious life. Plus, it’s like a delicious secret that you can choose to reveal, or not.

There’s something about a sexy secret that makes you feel more alive. No matter what you’re wearing on the outside, wearing beautiful lingerie underneath it all invigorates you.

It’s time to fall in love with your life and yourself by choosing to dress with love and care. So, indulge in some sexy new undies because you are totally worth it.

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